Thursday, January 22, 2009

Apac Update

I received some great pictures from Apac today, which I am soo excited about! My inbox was flooded with pictures from Hellen. She recently went to Apac ( few hours away by drive from Kampala- where CU school is.) The purpose was to have a meeting with the community, pay off more of the land, get biographies, and ofcourse to take pictures of the kids!

I'm going to be starting up the "Adopt a Child" campaign next month. A school is a huge undertaking and at time it feels overwhelming. When one thing is accomplished another 5 things have been added to the "to-do" list. But then i'm easily reminded that this won't be just a school and how badly it's needed. 70% of the kids who are registered to attend are currently not in school or receiving any form of education. There are other primary schools in the district, but they are far away or private($$) I will post more info on the adopt a child program, once everything is set up. For now take a look at these beautiful kids! (Not sure how to enlarge the pictures onto blogspot?)

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