Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dominican Republic

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. I'm spending mine in Ottawa trying to get some things done. The website of The Apac School Project has a new look, which im still working on. I'm also working on setting up a seperate website for CU school. And ofcourse continuing to plan the next fundraiser..I always get so nervous with planning. There seems so much to do and I never know how it will turn out. We'll have to wait and see.

I'm very excited that it is now official- I am going to the DR with my mum and brother, with the possibility of an aunt comming along!We will be in Puerto Plata. Last October, my mom and me already started bracing for the cold and talking about March break. Around the same time I learned about some of the poverty in the DR, and about the treatment of Haitians who immigrate there.

I got intouch with an organization who is doing great work in so many diffrent areas of need in the DR. I'm partically drawn to the plight of Haitians in the country as they are treated terribly. Racism is rampant and leaves people in dire situations. I already have a suitcase full of donations, and i've also taken over my brother's. I'm focusing on medical&school supplies. A few toys did mange to find their way in too! The main thing I want to do though is see areas which can use long term support.

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Nikki said...

I am so excited for you- you will love it and I can't wait to hear about it!
P.S. This may sound VERY weird, but I would be willing to make a $100 donation to your apac school if you go visit my little girl for me and check in on her!! It is her 8th birthday tomorrow and my heart aches for her. I miss her. It is about a half hour from Puerto Plata. Absolutely no worries if you have too much going on and I would COMPLETELY understand, but if you are up to it, let me know and I will make the donatin and give you directions!! You are going in March, right?
Good job with medical and school supplies- that is definitely waht is most needed!!