Monday, January 12, 2009

Back on track

I really must start posting more-or quicker! I have been really busy registering for school, planning fundraisers, and in the midst of planning a trip to the DR. I will deffinetly post more about that when more details are sorted through. Tommorow is Wednesday which means it's my volunteer day. I've been off for the holidays and i'm happy to be going back tommorow. It has become a routine which I love(funny because im not a routine person) With my school schedual being what it is (nights, and only a few hours per week during the day) im going to see other areas I could help out with. Right now im doing mostly homework help and i'd love to branch into lifeskills as well. The only problem is the distance and area..since I have to bus it( and apparently it's going to be some Canadian deep freeze tommorow, ugh) the cold weather is hard to handle when the bus stops are a good 10 min walks plus waiting time(x2 buses)Also Yves schedual no longer allows him to be able to volunteer :( and no one is really thrilled at the idea of me staying around the neighbourhood at night which has a bad rep.

I received a picture today of the girls I used to sponsor-Christine, Doreeen and Jackline. Christine is the oldest girl and little Doreen is on the left in blue. The baby and other kids are cousins. Jackline and the mom where working at the stone quarry. I am really happy to say that all three girls will be joining school when the next term opens(Feb2) The mother has agreed to send all three back, and we are looking at setting her up with a income generating project(so long as the girls stay in school) Hellen is still looking into something that will be suitable for her and so far we are thinking of a little shop(think kiosk) selling some food and household products. Another woman will help run it, most likely Awori Juliette, the woman I wrote about in a previouse post. ( All her kids are still in need of sponsors!)

Note to sponsors! I have sent out all the donations received for sponsorship today. Hellen, the director in Uganda has been doing house visits all week and gathering more information on the sponsor children and their families. The kids will be back in school on February 2nd, those who are sponsored will have their photo taken and will write a letter to their new sponsor. These letters generally take 2 weeks to a month to arrive.


Nikki said...

That is funny... your schedule sounds almost identical to mine!

I can't wait to get my letters from Kate and Rebecca! I come back from Ethiopia Feb. 22 so they could be waiting for me when I return!

So you have decided to go to the DR? Still planning on going to Uganda? Let me know the details- can't wait to hear about it!

Nikki said...

p.s. when will you be in the DR? maybe we can meet and do some work together there if it will be during the same time!