Monday, January 4, 2010

Star Fundraiser for Apac

I hope you will all help take part in the star fundraiser for Apac! If you have not already read about it, let me explain how it works.

To build the school there's ofcourse a bunch of materials that we need, in total the cost is around $5,000. This will build a temporary 7 classroom school where the children will have classes, learn life skills, and receive meals.

The children at CUS have sponsors and with all the ongoing projects, the donors and sponsors have become extended members to this community. Often times people start up projects that end up failing for a number of reasons. This includes corruption, lack of training, little resources and many in need, and lack of community involvement and support. CUS has always served the poorest children in the community and has been fortunate enough to have amazing support from the international community to do this. Because of this support, the work the school is doing has earned much respect in the community which is crucial.

In Apac the story is a bit different. Northern Uganda has been ignored by the international community for the entire two decades of war. With this school, we hope to help bring the community together for positive change. We also want to invite you, the donors, to be part of this community!

To do this, we are selling stars for every item the school needs. Right now for example we need 6
people to buy stars at $5 each to purchase poles. When you donate to buy a star, please let me know your name, color of the star your would like(2 color options), and your photo(optional), and country or city you live. All the stars will be put together and then hung up in the classrooms in Apac!

For more info go to

Right now we need 6 people to buy stars at $5 each.

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