Monday, January 4, 2010

Dominican, in 3 days.

I leave for the Dominican in 3 days. I can't beleive it, and I feel so excited but unprepared! I always feel unprepared before trips, I was completely having panick attacks before Uganda thinking that I was missing something or something I forgot to do.

Last time I went to the Dominican I completely feel in love with everything about it, but there was something about the Haitian batey I visited that completely captured my heart. Life for Haitians is definetly hard in Haiti, but many new struggles arise with life in the Dominican Republic. The discrimination reaches everyone, even the children. I have collected some Creole-English books and French books for some schools in the bateys. The schools were started mostly by local Haitian pastors and community leaders who want to make brighter futures for the children. Ofcourse with no government support and families stricken by poverty, it's an uphill battle.
The school has a strict dresscode and children without a uniform cannot attend. There are 16 children in one particular school in a community I will be visiting called Munoz. All 16 children do not have a uniform. The uniform consists of a checkered dress shirt and pants for boys or skirt for girls. Because they do not have this, the children cannot attend school. Ofcourse as you all know my thoughts on education- this has to change! If anyone would like to help me purchase uniforms that would be great. I wish I learned about this need sooner so I could of tried to get all the children uniforms, but as many as we can get will help some great kids, and best of all put them in school!
The cost is 170 pesos for both boys and girls, which is around $5. Although it isn't for a sponsorship program such as with CUS, I will take a picture of each child who receives a uniform and collect some info on the child, because that $5 is putting them in school!
To make a donation please use the donate button on this page which says "Dominican Uniforms!"

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