Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy thanks giving!

A lot has been happening both here and in Uganda. I'm about to get ready to sit down to a delicious turkey, and received a suprise thanksgiving gift from my aunt. She sponsored a little Dominican girl for me! We talked about doing a co-sponsoring a child in the DR before, but I didn't talk to her for a while and I found a family that needed a sponsor with Dove Missions( and decided to take them on myself. She sponsored a little 4 year old girl, Nelanda, with Children International for me. I have never had any experience with them or any larger organizations, so i'm excited to see how it unfolds. I already started on my letter, and a bunch of letters to go to the kids in Uganda.

In Uganda, we are SO close to having the washrooms completed. $549.00 away to be exact!
Please consider making a donation!!


Nikki said...

That is sooo great!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dana said...

Yay! another CI sponsor!