Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Right now i'm running off of 3 hrs of sleep. I went to bed at 6:00am, for some strange reason my body refused to sleep(which is VERY odd as I could sleep all day if I had that choice!) I tried reading, listening to music, nothing worked. Ultimetly I know what has keept me up.. Uganda. I am SO stressed out for Christmas to come and all the plans. I'm taking on my third job and going to school which is deffinetly the most i've done at once..ever. I always think to myself "there will be a way" and that will keep me going. But I don't know if I can push through this time. The tickets for Christmas are extremely exspensive, I have been looking everywhere and the best priced ones I can find is $2,300. I have less than half of that already. And now in Uganda, the school is in need of intense repairs, let me rephrase that, rebuilding. The ministry of education recently visited(they evaluate schools across Uganda)They saw that the washrooms were under construction which they were pleased about, along with the merry-go-round. What didn't impress them was the condition of the school, for obvious reasons. It really is being held up by metal sheets, cardboard, and a whole lot of hope!

More than anything, I wanted to provide these kids with a good Christmas, one they will remember. But I also know that with the washroom fund needing to be completed, the office(more on that later), starting to build the new school and having the ministry of education come check in November to detemine if they will allow the school to stay open, the projects in Apac... I don't think I can get any fundraising in more myself. I knew even when planning for Christmas that I would be returning to Uganda for two months next summer(either June/July or July/August) but I really wanted to be there in December, with everyone for Christmas. Unless a huge donation comes in ($1,500, and I also have to help my friend fundraise) I just don't think it's going to happen :(

I am not going to forget the kids at Christmas, far from it, so I'm going to talk with Hellen and see what we can do do help them have a special day.

Ugh, I'm off to work. And it's raining, wow that's unusual..

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Nikki said...

I'm sorry Kate :( I am going through sort of a rough patch myself with constant work and feeling pesimistic about raising the money needed, so can't offer much advice. I hope it works out though in the best way possible.