Monday, October 12, 2009

Children's Vitamin Drive

This Christmas, my friend Nikki( is travelling to the Dominican Republic to do volunteer work. She is going ot be setting up a children's vitamin program, and needs your help! This program will involve putting kids on a 6 month vitamin plan, where they will receive a vitamin each day. So many of the children are frequently sick and malnourished, so the vitamins will help keep the kids healthy. She is collecting Shoppers Optimum points to be able to buy the vitamins, which she will bring with her when she goes. If you have any Shoppers Optimum points you could donate, PLEASE consider donating some!

It's easy to donate the points- Just go to the website, on the link below. Go to Transfer Points, where you will enter your card's information and you will have to enter some digits from her card. 893 742 330

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