Friday, September 25, 2009


I realise my post title is quite eccentric, but I feel the need to share an incident which happened last night. Be warned, it may be a bit of a rant!

As I was returning from work yesterday, where I babysit a 2 year old and a 7 month old, I was sleepy and my knees were soar from crawling around and playing on the floor with the kids. Never the less, it was nice out and my metro ride was quick. I was ready to get in and attempt to study some spanish(emphasize on the attempt) I got off the metro and made my way to the bus stop which brings me from downtown Montreal back to the West Island, where I live. It's a highway bus with no stops and takes 15-20 minutes. The line up is always huge and I gave up my hopes of having a seat. As I stood up, along with many others, the lady next to me was an elderly woman. She had two huge bags and and could barely walk. She looked around for a seat, every one was taken. The one right infront of us was taken by 3 young people(16-20) I waited as one would get up to give this woman a seat with no luck. They saw her and just continued to tune into their ipod or stare. With every bus turn, I though the woman was going to fall, and she just held on so tightly probably praying really hard that she wouldn't fly across the bus! She looked like she was in pain, and I asked her if she wanted to sit, and as I didn't have a seat she just thanked me for being kind. I nicely asked the 3 people if "someone would be nice enough to give up their seat so this woman can sit." Well apparently I was riding on a bus full of hearing impaired people? As we were 2 minutes away from getting off the bus, when people usually stand and go near the doors ready to get out, a girl got up, and as the old woman was about to sit this other woman pushed her daughter(who was probably 10) into the seat. Ohh people are funny creatures.

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