Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ugandan Jewellery!

10 days until Uganda! I am so excited. I am officialy done all my vaccinations/medications(except malaria pills)I took the last dose of Dukoral this morning and it was gross. Things are packed too! I finally brought my luggage up and started to put donations in it.

I'm having two small fundraisers this weekend so hopefully I can get a bit more money. The needs are still tremendouse but I know we can make a difference in some way! These are some of the things on the list...

-Supplies/Food for the school.

-Helping the poorest families with food, matresses, mosquito nets, and vaccinating the children.
-Activity Days. Enough to cover all the children on atleast one of the planned excursions(swimming/amusement park)

-Hospital visits. Taking and paying for local sick people to be brought to the hospital to receive proper care/medication.

-Setting up the library

-Building a proper roof on Hellen's mother's house(she is over 90 and cares for many of the orphan children)

-and the list goes on!

There is still time to help me help the people of Uganda! Consider buying one of these beautiful handmade necklaces from Uganda. They are all made by CU school children and the local community.

Set 001: Small Necklace

These are really cute. A simle necklace that can be worn for all types of occasions.

Available in: Pink, Yellow, Mint Green, Forest Green.


Set 002: 12"-15" long necklace.

These ones are very fun. They are great to wear long, or wrap it once or twice.

Available in: Yellow, Blue, Mint Green, Turquoise

Set 003: 3 Piece(Necklace, Bracelet, Earings)

This is a really beautiful complete set.

Available in: Pink(1 Left!!)


Set 004: 2-3 Strand Necklace.

These necklaces have 2 to 3 strands on them. They can even be worn to a more fancy event or diner. The colors are much more vivid than shown.

Available in: Pink, Forest Green, Mint Green, Yellow/Gold, Dark Red, Black.


I also have these beautiful handmade table cloths. The small details are amazing and these pictures really don't do them justice. They fit on square and rectangle tables, and even my own kitchen table which is a circle. My grandmother uses it on her coffee table which is a unique idea as well.

Set B: This set is lilac purple with white flowers and white trimming. It comes with one table cloth and 4 napkins. $25.00

Set B: This set is green with orange flowers. I love how this one is cut, the outside of the cloth is curvy which is a nice added detail. $25.00

Please send an e-mail to with the set # and color you would like to buy. Thank you for helping the kids and families at CU school!!


Helping Africa said...

The jewelry looks nice!

Jack said...

This is a great way for Africa to work itself out of poverty. African art has always been popular, and with some honest help they could make some good money.

Mzuribeads said...

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Thank you,
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