Tuesday, May 26, 2009

19 more days and...i'm going to Africa?!

Today, I got 3 of my 6 vaccinations needed to go to Uganda. My left arm is killing! Other than that, i've had no other side effects which I am SO happy about(knock on wood). I have a few more appointments and then i'm good to go. It deffinetly made it feel more real. I'm going to Uganda..I still can't beleive it. Someone pinch me.

I started to wrap all the donated books in plastic covering so hopefully this will keep them in good shape for a long time. My room is a disaster, i've been organizing all the donations but still it's a mess. I really should just bring up the suitcase and start packing. I don't think it's hit me how soon i'll be there! My carry on is going to be used for my personal things, so it looks like i'll be doing some intense clothing rewearing.

I'm still collecting donations for variouse little projects in Uganda. I really want to have all the kids take part in atleast one of the activity day events(swimming and amusement park.) It won't be possible to keep it a secret and just the though of kids being turned away is really devestating. The bus we need to rent cost $168x2= $336. If anyone wants to make a donation towards the bus for all the kids that would be amazing. Or sponsoring a child's activity fees who is not covered is another great option. I will send you photos and video from the activity day. Many of these kids have never left their compound/been in an automobile so it should be a fun experience.
If you would like to make a donation, please go to http://www.christianupliftmentschool.com/donate

I'm going to get back to organizing and hopefully i'll be a step closer to going!

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Nikki said...

Eeeek, I am so excited to hear about it. Don't forget to give my girls big hugs from me :) Good luck packing!