Friday, June 12, 2009


Well, i'm sitting here- 12:00am finally done all the things I had to do today. And now i'm 18! It's only been 15 minutes and I feel the same. Like every year..

I have a garage sale planned tommorow, finnish some stuff up to do with packing, shop for some Uganda related things, then a birthday bbq. The next day bright and early I have to get ready for my fundraising bbq! This getting up at 8am sleeping at 2am- and being productive throughout the day is tiring me out. So my birthday gift to myself is 2 hours of extra sleep

:) Good night!

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gophercheeks said...

Well Happy Birthday Kate!!! You have done so much in your 18 years and made a generous impact on this world!! Good luck with all the fundraising and planning. Have a wonderful holiday. Try to blog if it's possible to do so. God bless.