Sunday, April 5, 2009


Yesterday, I went out to eat for my dad's birthday. Since it's a birthday, I had to buy a gift! I went over to Dix Mille Villages, the fair trade store. They have everything from candles, foods, books, decorations-all fair trade. I ended up buying this really nice Indonesian windcharm for my dad, as well as something for me to bring to Uganda. The book caught my eye right away. It's called "One Hen- How one small loan made a big difference." It takes place in Ghana, West Africa where the main character, a boy named Kojo gets a hen. It goes to say how he was able to change his life and future because of the gift he received.

Slowly, some of the Uganda plans are coming together. This is actually the start of 'my house' in Uganda! After I leave, it will be an office, storage room, and a guest room for future volunteers! As you can see, there's still progress that need to be made but it's coming along.

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