Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Last night when I got home from work, I turned on the tv to watch one of my favorite shows- Law&Order SVU. It turned out to be themed about the LRA in Uganda. Basically, they where looking for someone who had tried to kill a girl. They looked for someone who was a devil worshipper, and it brang them to a church where many parishers where African refugees. They looked into a man named Elijah. He addmited he was in the LRA, recruited when he was only 7 back in Uganda. He was forced to kill with guns, machetes, and fire. But it ended up being another Ugandan, who was a warlord. This man was hiding in America under a false name and saying he was a former teacher in Uganda. They managed to bring him in and the international
court took over. They also took in Elijah, because since he was in the LRA he is considered a murderer. Sad. This is happening right now in Uganda. The former child soldiers need so much help, especially mentaly and they just arn't receiving it. People are scared of them because of what they did in the bush.

Our child of the month for sponsorship, is a little boy who had to go through what I saw on t.v. He is real and he is one of the thousands. His name is Orebo Ivan. He is 8 yrs old and still in nursery. He is a refugee from northern Uganda, where he watched his father be murdered by the LRA with machetes. When I see the numbers(30,000 abducted to serve as child soldiers in Uganda) I think how crazy the world is. How can this happen? But knowing this one child, who loves to play hide and seek and is described as one of the kindest boys at school it becomes all more shocking. His mother also recently passed away due to yellow fever, and he is now a complete orphan. An ideal sponsor would be someone who could not only sponsor him financially($35/year) but also write him letters and let him know that someone, even far away, cares about him.

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Nikki said...

if you don't find a sponsor for him a few days, let me know and i will post about it on facebook. I know a lot of the people i went to the DR with would gladly sponsor him... I think I would be able to find someone quickly. But, someone might read this tonight and want to sponsor him, so just let me know if no one comes forth and I will find someone!

Nikki said...

Oh nevermind, I put it on my facebook anyways. I hope someone comes forward soon! I will keep posting it until someone does!

Nikki said...

YAY! found him a sponsor!