Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bigger steps!

I am writting this on a very good note. Things are really moving forward with Uganda, which is absolutely amazing. My biggest concern was who was going to travel with me. I don't want to announce anyone yet as things are not 100%, but they include a nurse and physcologist!
I am still in the process of fundraising for my ticket, as well as projects to set up in Uganda.

If you would like to make a donation towards my volunteer fund, please use the link below! You can also send me a note(by e-mail or on comments) of the name of your sponsor child and as a thank you I will be sure to video tape them in school, at their home, and with their family! This will give you a great opportunity to really see what it's like for them and how you're helping.

Althought the main purpose of going is to really make a positive difference with things that are in great need, such as building a library, setting up a mobile clinic/bringing children with seriouse illnesses to the hospital, identifying children's needs and meeting them, start work in Apac.... I do plan on doing some fun activities with the kids! Their stories are heatbreaking, we have 4 students who are often not at school because they want to be with their mothers on their last days on earth(all are dyeing of AIDS), kids who watched loved ones get murder by the LRA, orphans with no one to care for them. Although fun activities will not return their parents, or heal the sick, for a few days I just want them to be kids! One of the plans is to take the kids to "Didi's World" an amusement park in Kampala, as well as a day of swimming at a hotel pool. If you would like your sponsor child to take part, please consider making a donation on their behalf.
By e-mail or comment, please include the child's name with the activity you chose. If you would also like to make a donation on behalf of an unsponsored child so they to can take part, that would be amazing! You will receive their pictures from activity day.

Didi's World Amusement Park: $9 This includes the all day entrance fee, transportation both ways as well as a hot lunch!

Swimming Day:$7.50 This includes the entrance fee, transportation both ways, as well as lunch. We have received a generouse donation of new bathing suits so that is all taken care of! How amazing!


Nikki said...

I will donate $18 for both girls, but will let them choose which activity they want to participate in. If they want swimming, just keep the extra for whereever else it is needed (it is only a few dollars!)

Dana said...

Hi Kate! I just left a donation through PayPay for $16.50 for Mirungu Vincent. This will cover both fun days for him. Thanks!