Saturday, March 28, 2009

Help me get to Uganda!!

I'm off to Uganda this July to volunteer with CU school and visit Apac. Some details still need to be sorted out, but slowly everything is making sense again! I've been working a part time job all year long to save money to go to Uganda, but I'm coming up a little short, and can use some help! I've created a chip in, which you can use to donate any amount(found on the right hand side) If I manage to get over my target, all the money will go towards The Apac School Project to finnish buying the land/starting building the first classroom.
I'm also in need of item donations ...
-Children's Books(there's a list on a previouse post to some good ones)
-First Aid supplies(Bandaids,Neosporin/Polysporin, Tweezers, Rubber Gloves)
-School supplies(pencils, sharpeners, notebooks, glue, etc)

For CU Sponsors... For all sponsors who donate towards my volunteer fund, please send me the name of your sponsor child/ren. As a thank you, I will be sure to take video footage of your sponsor child and send it to you upon my return!!



Su said...

Hello Kate!

I always wished to visit my sponsored kids, but it's not possibvle! So am willing to provide you with my small help for you get to Uganda!

If you could make a video of Sharon Nekesa when you are there it would be amazing :)

How can we help with books and first aid supplies?

Su said...

Oh forgot to say this month was a hard one and I can't contribute yet, but I hope to do so in a couple of weeks!

Wish you good luck for your fundraising!

Nikki said...

Yay- so glad things are starting to work out!

Just a question about the kids' book- you are thinking english books, right? I just got a ton of english books donated to me, and I don't have much use for them. There isn't a huge need for english books in the DR or Haiti- mostly just spanish, french, or creole (as you know). They aren't books from your list, but they are pretty good books anyways. Do you want them?? If you only want books off the list- no problem! Just racking my brain trying to find a good spot for them to go to!

Nikki said...

Yep, they are geared to elementary-aged students... some ranging in difficulties. I will go through them next time I am at my parent's house and sort through to find the good ones and ship them to you- just send your address!