Thursday, April 16, 2009

Two month's yesterday

I've been sick all week with really bad stomach pains. It's finally going down, and I started drinking gatorade which is really helping. I also started a spanish class last thursday, and love it! Wasn't able to make it yesterday though.

Two more months and i'll be in Uganda! I found amazing priced tickets today so i'm feeling good. Once we have our group meeting, we're going to book. Hopefully next week. We'll be there for 18 days, and 17 nights-not including travel time which is estimated to take 2 days! I've never been on a flight this long, my flights have always been between 3.5-6 hours. Any tips from travellers?!

The only luggage I will have with me is my carry on and purse. My carry on will be all my clothing and personal needs as we're all using our main luggage for donations. I plan on bringing each of my sponsor kids a filled backpack, with school supplies, a church outfit, books, etc. I really want to spend a few hours with them doing an activity but i'm not sure what?! All the kids will take part in the amusement park and swimming, but i'm sure i'll be busy watching over everyone(after all, the majority of the kids have never left their 'compound', or have been in a car!)

Donations are still very much needed, and appreciated, for the volunteer fund.

It costs $9 to pay for a child's activity day at Didi's World, and $7.50 for swimming. We still have many children who are not covered and I really want them all to be able to participate. You can donate on behalf of an unsponsored child, and you will receive their pictures from their activity day. They will be so greatful to you!!


Nikki said...

Wow- that is so exciting! I can't wait to hear about your trip. And trust me, the flights are AWFUL! Ooooh, I was SO bored! My only advise would be to bring more than you think you will need to entertain yourself! I read all my books and had done the homework i needed to do halfway through the flgiht there. this left for a very boring flight home. It would have been nice to have more to do on the flight home, because ater the trip is done you are filled with so many emotions, and are sad to be leaving, so it's nice to have something to distract you. But uuugggh... it is boring!!

gophercheeks said...

You must be so excited!!! I have never been on a long trip like that so I don't have advice for you... sorry. Maybe playing dice, or cards... they don't take much space either. Good luck.

I have a big Cheerio box filled with kits that we made for any children that need them. I am making another kit especially for Sydla Agono so I will ship it separately to you with the swimsuits that I have found for you. I am going to find Sydla a suit and include it in her kit. Do you want me to send you a cheque for her swimming fees or should I go to through the CU website and make a donation with special instructions for her swim fee?

I am really excited that Bree and Dana sponsored children too. They are really happy to be helping out. Bree mentioned that she might have some swimsuits for me to send with my stuff.
Can you email me your address so that I can send these boxes soon, You are probably thinking of luggage space very carefully. Please let me know if you don't have space, I can try to send them to Uganda direct. Thanks for all your help. We all can't wait to hear more about your trip and about the special kids that are touching our hearts.

Sherri D.

BreeC said...

Hi Kate - Sherri sent me the info to sponsor a child and I am really happy with everything. I like that there is such a close connection between the children and the sponsorship money - that it isn't all being eaten up by overhead. Also, I was wondering how I should go about sponsoring my child on these two excursions and also a little bit extra for your travel expenses? If you need a volunteer/ travel companion, I would love to go... But if that is taken care of, let me know what else you could use some help with. As for travel tips - take good shoes that aren't new, go on the airline's site and get the maximum size of carry on you can take. I took a backpack as carry on to Europe for two weeks last year and it was great! Get up and walk around on the plane because there can be some serious health issues/pain assoc. with sitting too long. Anyway, good luck!!! Bree

Recovering Noah said...

Can you let us know how many other kids needs to be sponsored for the fieldtrips? Thanks!