Monday, February 23, 2009

A few more hours and i'm there!

I am so sick of packing!! Just the thought of it is literally making me sick! But thank God it's all done and packed in the car ready for 6:45 departure. I have to wake up at 4 tommorow, get ready and then head off to the airport with my mom and brother(fun) I actually like airports, because then it's all real. I also enjoy plane rides, and trips to the Carribean no longer seem as long as they did when I was little.

I'm going to be filling all the pencil cases when I arrive there. I made my last trip to the dollarstore today and stocked up. Finally, some of the spanish books I ordered arrived which i'm really happy about. I also have 2 creole books, but the set of 20 I ordered are on back order, which is really frustrating. I guess it will give me more of a reason to visit Haiti this summer!

I'm hoping there's some place where I can get on a computer and update everyone at this link. If so, I hope you come along for the journey! Have a great week!

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Nikki said...

you are on the plane now (i think!) have an AMAZING trip and post lots of picture when you get home!!