Thursday, February 19, 2009

5 more days!

It's official, 5 more days till i'm in the Dominican Republic! I'm so excited, but I feel like there's TONS left to do before I go. I ordered 20 children's creole books and a few spanish ones-they never arrived! I e-mailed the company and they said it still hadn't been shipped from their warehouse to their location. Gah! This is very frustrating, i'm going to try and get my money back as I have no use for these book. I'm still collecting bits and pieces of things, mostly school supplies and medicine. The pencil cases will be filled(pencils, eraser, crayons, etc) I'm going to distribute them to two diffrent schools, which have a total of 65 kids combined. The school is run out of a local church. It serves Haitian children who are not able to attend government run schools as they are considered "illegal immigrants" and many do not have a birth certificates. If there's internet available I will try and keep everyone updated while i'm there!!

Uganda news: Here are two pictures of my sponsor boys, Benedict and Enock. How cute are they!? Most of the kids are all back in school and getting in the swing of things again. A few are sick or visiting relatives far away so we're expecting them to return during the first week of March. If we didn't already have enough kids needing sponsors, we now have even more! About 5 more groups of kids(60+) have joined the school.

Each month you can find our 'child of the month' child on the website's homepage. This is a child who is in need of a sponsor. Although all the kids are in need, we really try to focus on a child who is considered "at risk." Unfortunetly, there are soo many of these kids who are complete orphans, HIV+, and physically abused it's hard to pick just one.

On this blog i'm going to highlight 2 children each month. Hopefully we have some compassionate readers :)

This month i'd like you to meet Ajok Monica. She is in nursery class and she's 6 years old. She has been waiting for a very long time for a sponsor. She also has 3 siblings who attend the school(only one of them has a sponsor) She is in group N2.

This entire group(except one child) needs a sponsor. Some of them have been sponsored before, but unfortunetly this year they no longer have a sponsor. My fear is because of this, they will be pulled out of school and no longer have the oppurtunity to study. From this group, I would like to highlight the first little boy on the bottow row(look at that smile!) He's only 6 years old and is an orphan. He's in nursery class and loves to sing and dance!

Once again the new site is.. where you can visit our sponsorship page to sponsor a child.
We also have a yahoo group, please feel free to join!

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