Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dominican Republic

I'm back from 1 week in the DR and I already miss it. I'm trying to put my thoughts together still and I feel a little 'defeated'. There's a lot of areas of need but there was great progress too. The people, the weather, the flow.. i'm in love! I volunteered with an organization called " Dove Missions" and their main focus is an area(slum) called " Agua Negra." The director, Liz, works a lot with the street boys and has some great programs for them like art lessons, and english classes. They have sad stories behinde them, but they are just amazing and funny! I also visited a batey called "Las Algodones." This is where Haitian immigrants live. It's up a huge hill that takes a good 10 minutes to get up(by car). They have a really nice clinic and school built there and they're constructing new houses. HIV/AIDs and certain other illnesses continue to be a big problem. I brang a lot of baby things and they where put to great use- so many babies! One little girl, Jessica, won't leave my mind. She waddled over to me before we went into the church to watch some children's programs. She put her little hands up to be picked up, and that's what I did. As we where seated, I looked down and she was fast asleep all curled up. Another little girl, Isabella, stayed by my side. She whispered in my ear "mwen grangou" which means, I am hungry. Despite the hunger and poverty, people do find joy in the small things and are so greatful. After I named some of my favorite Hatian artists, the woman couldn't stop laughing and where trying to figure out how I knew them. I was put to the test, to sing. I sang my favorite songs by Carimi "Haiti Bang Bang" and "Bo Kote'w" I will never forget that! More posts are on the way!

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