Monday, February 2, 2009

Books, books, books!

Finally, February is here! This means 23 days left until departure to the DR. I'm working on sorting everything out, and I have about half of the donations I need, in most areas. I received a relly generouse donation of baby toys so i'll be able to put around 4 toys in each baby pack. I still need more medicine(baby drops, children's tylenol, etc) and school supplies. There is also a HUGE need for books! Because of the languages they need to be in-Spanish and Haitian Creole, it's hard to find them in stores here. I ordered about 10 from ebay, amazon and an online book center. They have a great selection online from a bunch of websites. If anyone would like to help by buying a book I have included some links below. You can have it shipped directly to my house, just send me an e-mail at and I will send you my address. It would be greatly appreciated!!!

Here are some books that would be great to donate! Anything else in spanish or creole(I have included mostly creole ones as they are harder to come by) would be great as long as they are elementary level reading.

Where's the puppy?Kote ti toustous la ye? By Cheryl Chrisitan - Starting at $2.14

How Many?Konbyen? By Cheryl Chrisitian- Starting at $2.14

Where's the baby? Kote tibebe a ye? By Cheryl Chrisitan starting at $2.14

(Any other English/Creole books by Cheryl Chrisitian can be found on amazon and would also be great.)

My Friend the Tree / Mon ami l'arbre / Zanmi-m Pyebwa. By Roger Savain $12.95

Sandra(cinderella in Haiti) $14.95

Makso. $24.95

Pre-K Karamel Series Biligual EK(20 Titles) $65

101 Favorite Bible Stories $10.99 (Creole) (Spanish)

25 Favorite Bible Stories $3.99

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