Thursday, January 29, 2009

Long Day

I was planning on writting this post last night, but was fast asleep by 9! As with every Wednesday I went to Lacorde(volunteering with homework help) It took me 11/2 hrs to get there because of all the snow that decided to fall down yesterday. It always seems that on Wednesdays, Canada decide's to go into some form of "deep-freeze" or pour down the snow, as if we don't have enough already. When I arrived it was snack time, so I gave out snacks and chatted a bit. Most of the kids come from the same school, only a few go to other schools, so at this time they are all chatting away about what happened at school that day. Well apparently, they're in the age where they have crushes and "school boyfriends/girlfriends"- or atleast one kid does. And that(rather she) was all they could talk about!! Right as I was handing out a muffin a fight errupted.

I always though I was more of a "girl person." As a child I was very shy and quiet. I guess I could connect better with little girls. I think this is changing though, because of Lacorde. After snack was done they went to their appropriate areas. Half of the kids have homework help while the other half go into another room for lifeskills. Yesterday there where two girls for homework help, who quietly dived into their books- and 8 boys! On top of it all, I was the only volunteer for homework(the director wasn't there) so I braced myself. They worked ok, but the minute i'm not looking someone will kick somebody else under the chair or say something funny. This ofcourse just escalates so I try and seperate them to diffrent tables.I also think that they just get tired and bored of homework causing them to loose intrest. They're at school all day and then have to do more school work afterwards. The ipod I learned, is a great teaching utensil. I put the timer on and they then compete to see who can finnish first. I also tell them that X amount of their awnsers have to be right, so it's not just about speed. Whenever they have anything to memorize, usually french poems, it's hilariouse!! I download some of their favortie musicians, who are mostly rappers songs, but only the instrumental. They love Akon and Lil'Wayne right now. So they then have to 'rap' out whatever they have to memorize, to their favorite tune. They love it and at the end I make them say it to me with no music, and they all get (almost) every word!

My camera is still not fixed, but I brang one of those disposible ones last week and took some great pics which I will see if I can scan at a friend's.

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Nikki said...

That is such a good idea, the music background to help them memorize. Brilliant!!