Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baby Packs

Before I even booked my tickets to the DR I had a bunch of donations piling up. Mostly infant cloths and toys- some way too thick to even think of bringing. This will come with me to Uganda as the nights can get extremely cold(on top of it most don't have beds/blankets so sleep directly on the dirt floor or a potatoe sack). More things came in but from now on I decided to focus on medicine, school supplies, infant things, and yes yes some toys! I'm scared of the baggage limits these days though, but half my carry on as well as my full luggage, my brother's carry on and his full luggage, and my moms carry on are going to be for donations. We're stuffing all our stuff into one 1/2 bags ..which should be intersting lol! I went pharmacie&dollarstore crazy a few days ago! Great sales on medicines such as children's tylenol, aspirin and ibuprofene(all $3.19) I picked up one bottle of baby pain reliver drops which was a little over $5. I would LOVE to get 12 of these to put one in each baby pack. The baby packs will be delivered to 12 mothers(would be great to be able to do even more), 1 pack to each mother.Half will go to the maternity ward at a hospital and the rest to woman with newborns in the bateys(mostly Haitian settlements for sugar cane cutters) Basically it includes things a newborn and mother would need all put into a large ziplock bag.

I should be receiving more donations this friday as well as next week. It's still a month away and my room is already filled with piles of donations.Now it's time to organize them..

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Nikki said...

It's funny... I can relate to so many of your posts. My room as well was being taken over my donations. I finally took time a week ago to organize it. Don't worry too much about luggage allowance. They are very relaxed (I was way over and they let me take everything for free). Uganda (for you) and Ethiopia (for me) I think are the ones to be worried about. it is expensive going to Africa if your bags are too heavy!
I wrote a letter to Fran and am going to mail it out to you today. Will get directions to you before I leave for Ethiopia. THANK YOU AGAIN!!! I have said it several times, but I am so, so grateful.