Friday, January 2, 2009


2009 is officially here, it has been for 6 days now, but so far everything has been awfully familiar. I've been sick with the flu :( and trying to figure out stuff to do with school, and of course work on some fundraising stuff. I went with my friend Catherine last night to eat dinner. We planned on eating Haitian but the place we went to ended up being closed, so we decided to try Ethiopian. After walking down streets after streets we got there at 10! It was cold last night but the walk was nice and it reminded me of how much I love Montreal-besides the cold. The lights, the cultures, the scenes, etc. It was my first time eating Ethiopian and it was really good. It reminds me of Indian food- a little blander. There's no utensils and you eat with pieces of spongey sour bread called Injera.

Sponsorship Update: 14 lucky children have found sponsors, leaving 11 left to go! Well, this isn't completely true.. another four kids have been added to the "waiting list." Awori Juliette is a single mother working in the stone quarry. Her husband recently left her to marry another woman and she is left to care for 4 of her children. The kids are all sick and it would be amazing if these kids could have the opportunity to go to school and get out of the stone quarry.

Aguga Babra, 6, wants to be a teacher. (Child in green)

Nyachwo Tabitha, 8, wants to be a nurse. (Middle child)

Obondo Bosco, 10, wants to be a doctor.(Open shirt)

Aboo Lydia, 2, Likes playing with toys. (Baby)

A few posts ago, I highlighted three children in need of sponsors: Nancy, Emmanuel and Annet. I'm happy to say that Nancy and Emmanuel have found sponsors.

This week I will turn the spotlight onto three more children. Owari Joseph, Ajok Monica and Byaruhanga Ambrose.

Group N2

Owari Joseph is 9 years old and only in nursery. He has never had a sponsor before, therefore no one was able to support his school fees. His mother has continually been sick making her work at the stone quarry extra difficult. Because of this, the family often resorts to begging.(4th from left top row)

Ajok Monica loves to skip and play hide and seek. She is 6 years old and in nursery class. She has 3 siblings who also attend CU school. Her family works in the stone quarry.(5th from left top row)

Byaruhanga Ambrose is a kind boy who loves sports. His favorites are soccer and volleyball and but he also loves dancing! He is 12 years old and in P.3. He needs a sponsor to encourage him to reach his full potential.(2nd from left, top row-light brown shirt)

It's $35/Year to sponsor a child. Please help spread the word! A little less than a month until the kids return to school(Feb2). I have been receiving their detailed biographies and pictures with their families, so those of you who are sponsor can expect that within the next few weeks.

All the best for 2009!

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Nikki said...

I have sent a few people your way.... I hope they choose to sponsor!

And I am jealous that you got to try Ethiopian. Alex and I took the train into Toronto (about 45 mins away) and walked another 45 minutes to the Ethiopian restaurant, and it ended up being closed, even though the website said it was open till 11!!! We are going to try again sometime in the next month before our trip...