Monday, September 15, 2008

The Apac School Project

What do you get when you combine, one girl with a drive to make a diffrence in the world, a bunch of AMAZING friends- and one girl in Uganda, with around 600 children to educate. You get The Apac School Project.

It started out modestly. My mind was ALL over the place. It was grade six and some people from "Roots and Shoots" came to talk to our class about making a diffrence. They spoke about one boy who couldn't beleive people in countries across the world didn't have access to safe drinking water. He did something about it and now, The Ryans Well Foundation is still going strong. I came home feeling inspired. What should I do? Where? Who to help?Throught the next two years I did what I could. Collected money and iteams for schools and orphanages in Tanzania, Zambia and India. And then came Uganda. I got in touch with a local teacher and his wife who ran a poor school in Kampala. A brick was not to be found anywhere near the school. Tins and weak polls held it together. Paper mats seperated the filled up classrooms which where bursting at the seams. I started corresponding and sponsoring a few children. One of my first where Winny and B (Winifred and Brenda) Many of them wrote about family members that had been abducted and forced to become rebels. Many are orphans because their parents or guardians where killed. I learnt more and more about their situation, and the one they had fleed. That's when the Apac School Project was born.

$59,600 away from having a primary school to serve more than 600 children in the district of Apac Uganda. Check out the temporary site I made for this amazing cause!

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