Thursday, December 10, 2009

My first Kiva loan

Today I made my first Kiva loan, or rather bought a gift certificate for someone's birthday. I am soo bad with remembering birthdays(you don't even want to know how many birthdays I have forgotten) and have no time to get a gift so I thought this would be a good option.

I also received a corrected information sheet on Nelanda, correcting her gender(they marked her as male) and her hobbie is now playing with dolls. Well, she would of received a cute ballerina Barbie if it's arm didn't happen to not be chewed up by a dog I was watching! I watch dogs and pets part time in my home as a pet-sitter to save up for Uganda! Needless to say, the one day I left my mom alone with a dog for half an hour(she's scared of dogs and dosn't like the big dogs) She locked the poor puppy in my room, and it chewed through my wall...

Can you really stay mad at this face

Oh, and in other exciting news the olympic torch passed by my window. Best part was, I didn't even have to open the front door!

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