Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Certificates!

Just in time for Christmas, we have these great certificates to support The Apac School Project, as well as one to support the CUS land fund!

What exactely are they?

Well this Christmas, instead of going out and buying something, you can support the building of the school by purchasing a certificate. I really can't think of a better Christmas gift than bringing education to children who other wise would not be able to attend school. Not only the person you purchase it for will be recieving a certificate, but their name will be added to the school's entrance! They will also receive a photo once the school has been built of the plaque with their name on it.

For Apac, we have a whole shopping list of items we need to buy to be able to build the school. When you purchase the item(s) completely, like I mentioned abouve your name(certificate-receivers name) will be be added to the front entrace of the school!

The certificate above is to purchase building tools to build the school in Apac and says:

In honor of_______$112 has been donated to The Apac School Project, to purchase building tools to build the school. In recognition and appreciation of this donation, your name will be added to the front entrace of the school.

The ones for the land fund are for $25 and $75. If we can get 120 people to donate $25 we will be able to purchase the land, or $75 from only 40 people!! We are so close..

To order a certificate. First choose the project, Apac or the CUS land fund. If it's for Apac, please visit for the complete list of needed items. For CUS it will be up on the blog tommorow.

Secondly, decide if you would like me to send you the certificate, which will be printed on high quality laser paper and filled out. I will need the name of who it is in honor of. Deadline is December 19th for USA/Canada residents. If you would like to print it, I will send you the certificate via e-mail.

Please send me an e-mail at for orders !

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