Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tis' the season, for the flu

I've been down for the past few days with the flu. Sore muscles, headaches, fever, the works. With all the H1N1 hype i'm hoping(and think?) it's just the regular seasonal flu. From what i've heard, it's not much more dangerous than the regular flu except if you have a low immune system. But now there's cases of healthy people getting extremely sick. It's all so confusing! And i'm split between getting the vaccine. What are you and your families doing?

Before getting all flu-ish, I was busy getting some Christmas gifts together for my sponsor kids. For the Dominican kids i'll give them to them when I arrive a bit after Christmas. For Nelanda I got her a pair of jeans(need to get a top), hygiene stuff, a doll, and hair accessories. For the six I sponsor with Dove, I got underwear, hair accessories, hygiene supplies and a few outfits. I'm hoping to plan a day to be able to bring them swimming at the hotel i'll be staying out for an outing. For my Ugandan kids, I'll be buying them each an outfit which Hellen will have the tailor make, and then i'm sending them each a card. The dollarstore has these adorable small cards, 4 in a package, and they come with mini envelopes. I'll put them all in one envelope and then they can be distributed.

I have some great Uganda related news that is so hard to hold in, buy i'm trying to until in official! It really is great:)


Dana said...

the tease at the end is, well, cruel! please share the "unofficial" uganda news!

Shana said...

Hope you are feeling better soon! Can't wait for the good news :)

God bless you!