Monday, October 26, 2009

Visiting Nelanda&Other DR news

Even though Nelanda is my newest sponsor child, it will be great to meet her in person this winter. I sent in a request to the visiting coordinator, and received a reply back today. I wanted to meet her on her birthday, but it lands on a Saturday or Sunday and they are closed on those days. I can also only visit for one day for a few hours, which is a bit dissapointing. With my Ugandan kids and my other Dominican kids that I sponsor with Dove Missions, I can visit them as much as I would like and volunteer with the programs they take part in. Not that I plan on continually stopping at their house or anything, but it's nice to not have time constraints and get to know the kids personalities, go shopping for things they need, plan some activities, etc. I would like for them to see me as their friends rather than their sponsor. Asides from that, I am excited to meet Nelanda and spend some time in Santo Domingo as i've never been before. My plans are still all up in the air but, i'm thinking of spending 3 days in Santo Dominigo. Most likely January 3-4-5. The rest of my time will be spent in Puerto Plata, which I am really looking forward too! I sponsor 6 kids with Dove, which is a family fee that goes for food vouchers. I've started collecting their Christmas presents, and seeing as it's Christmas and all i'm planning to get them each a nice outfit. The 'problem' is 4 of them are boys! I always find a million cute girls dresses, skirts, blouses, the list goes on and on but not for boys. Maybe it's because i've never really looked? And what does a 12 year old boy want besides clothing? Help!!!!!!!!!!!!


gophercheeks said...

Sports stuff like soccer balls, mini basketball hoop, frisbees, hacky sack, checkers/chess/ card games, comics, harmonica.... it is really hard to know. Any boy in Canada would like a video game or computer.... sad.

Barbara said...

All boys and many girls are crazy about baseball which is the national game. So, anything like baseball balls (with a Canadian flag perhaps?) baseball bats, caps and outfits would be a great hit. Another would be remote controlled cars with rechargeable batteries.