Sunday, November 8, 2009

Necklaces for your CUS sponsor kids!

A sponsor Heather, who sponsors 12 CUS children, has taken on the project of making some adorable braceletes and necklaces for her sponsor kids. The necklaces are made with the school colors and the bracelets can have the child's name added. The best part is, Heather is willing to make and ship a bracelet or necklace(or both) for your sponsor child! She will be shipping everything out on Saturday.

More more information, please go here

All of the money raised through sales will go towards an IGP(Income Generating Project) for Heather's sponsor child, Jonathon. You can learn more about Jonathon and how this IGP will help him live a better life. I think rather than continually helping poor children and their families with one time donations of food or clothing for example- "educating and employing " are really the way to go!

Please take the time to check out Jonathon's fundraising page below.


Helping Africa said...

Already Ordered 3 bracelets for my kids!

Dana said...

mine are made as well for all five of my CUS kids!