Friday, November 20, 2009

The Apac School Project

The blog for The Apac School Project has finally been launched! There's still a lot to do with it, but hopefully you guys will follow the work were starting in Apac. We have been debating when to officially start the new project(origional plans were different). There has already been some work done with washroom facilities and many meetings with the local community have been held.

With so many projects starting at Christian Upliftment, we kept putting our plans in Apac on hold. We have decided to go ahead and start fundraising to build the school for numerouse reasons.

Apac is considered one of the poorest districs in Uganda. It has suffered directly from the war, which thousands of children were abducted and left as orphans. We have registered 400 children to attend school, of which 302 of them are complete orphans( both parents have died.) How can a society properly work when it is being 'run' by hurting children? There are no resource centers for the children to go to, and so many have been traumatized by the war.

Our vision for the the school is for it to be a community center. Our goal is to not only educate the children, but help them grow into healthy and caring adults by a number of extra services. This will include two meals a day, a sponsorship project like at CUS were each child will know that someone cares for them, youth club were children can talk about topics that affect them, and a lot more which I will talk about on the blog.

So, please do check it out when you get a chance!


Dana said...

is this a completely different entity than CUS or are they related somehow? I am a bit fuzzy on how, if at all, they are related.

Kate said...

Yes, they will be 'sister schools.' We have a lot of children from Kampala returning to Apac to live now that the region has stability, but they return to extreme poverty and do not have the oppurtunity to go to school. The Apac children also need to receive an education, as the majority of the children have never been in school because of the war.