Saturday, November 28, 2009

Missing Uganda

It's been a really busy week. I have been working overtime, have a ton of papers due and finally booked my tickets to the DR(which I am so happy about.) As I started working on my paper tonight..finally.. I 'managed' to get distracted and go on my youtube account. I have been watching my videos in Uganda and just balling my eyes out. Not because they are sad, in most of the videos the kids are laughing and smiling those big beautiful smiles(like always) but because I miss that so much, I miss them SO much. I also got a message from Hellen, the term is ending and the children are not looking forward to going on holiday. Sometimes with the long break children, especially orphaned children are sent back to Northern Uganda to other relatives to work. Most go to Apac where we are starting The Apac School project( but rite now there is little opportunity for them. Life if much rougher in the bush as they call it, and droughts are frequent and there are no social services or schools. We need to get the school in Apac open for not just the children in Apac, but the ones who have to return.

We have also been talking about an after school and weekend program for CUS and really starting up the school's music program. This would only happen much later on as we have so many projects which need to be completed(first two being the land and office.) Of course Christmas is also coming up, and we would like to raise $500 to be able to throw a Christmas party for the entire community. Not sure if this will happen, but it would really be "a Christmas miracle. "

The need can get overwhelming at times. There are so many projects that would benefit the kids so much, it's hard to decided which ones to start first and not put all of them at once. We have to look at all out the amazing things the school has done in the past, that I thought were difficult or impossible to accomplish. This includes, buying a piece of land where the school is now located on(so no more rent). Having a sponsorship program running and people going above and beyond in caring for their sponsor child. My trip in June confirmed how important the sponsorship program is for the school. It really is it's back bone, and the kids gain confidence and motivation to do well in school. From this, the school is able to feed the children breakfast and lunch and not only posho or porridge but often times fruits, vegetables, meat, nuts, etc. The washrooms have just recently been completed- and not only does the school now have safe and sanitary toilet facilities, but also a bathing area.

We are always in need of more people to partner with us, which can be done in so many different ways. From being a sponsor, making donations for the school and its extra projects and programs, praying and thinking about them, spreading the word, collecting item donations, taking on a specific project, etc etc. Mhmm anyone interested in going to Uganda, now would be the time!! :)

If you would like to support CUS and Apac, here are the 3 current projects we would like to accomplish asap!

1)Right now, the school's priority is to completely buy off the land. I know i've been stressing it out, but being able to fully purchase it and call it OURS will be incredible. We have some 'gift certificates' which are being made and are perfect to give as Christmas gifts. I'll post them up once they have been made with more information on how to get one. Please do feel free to share the land fund's page!

2)Please visit and enter our raffle! It is only $2.00 for one ticket or $5.00 for 3. The prizes have all been donated by a family friend(Thank you Dave!) and more are on the way! All proceeds will go to building the school. Winners will be announced on Christmas by video blog.

3)If you would like to help the school throw a Christmas party for the students and community, please consider making a donation of any amount on our website. Please specify for the Christmas party! With all donations of $10.00+ you will receive a photograph of your sponsor child(ren) on Christmas.

**Christmas Reminder ---> If you are planning on sending Christmas cards to your sponsor children, remember to do so ASAP so that they will arrive in time. Also, somewhere on the envelope mark CHRISTMAS and Hellen will save the package/letter and give it to your child on Christmas day.

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