Friday, August 7, 2009

Dominican Sponsorship

Just like Uganda, the Dominican Republic has stolen a place in my heart after I visited in March. I volunteered with an organization called Dove Missions who works with kids in different poor parts of Puerto Plata.

I recently decided to sponsor a family with Dove misions. They are a family of 17 all being raised by the grandmother, Lola! The money fromt his sponsorship goes directly to food vouchers that can only purchase food.

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Cornerstone Missions.. a Heart for the World's Poor said...

Katelyn, if the DR stole your heart, wait until you go to Haiti, and you MUSY go to Haiti. It is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and the third hungriest country in the world.
These children and the grandma are so lovely. She is doing a good job with them. How wonderful that you sponsor this family.
I am started a program that will help women get set up in a small business with a sponsorship also in Haiti. In the process now of setting it up. Also trying to get a boy surgery for a cleft lip/palette.
Good job Kate.
God bless,