Monday, March 23, 2009


Today, i'm feeling a little under the weather. For one i'm sick (flue, again!) and I received some bad news about Uganda. My best friend won't be able to travel with me because he has to finnish a summer class. I'm so bumed out! I also wanted to visit the DR but who knows now. I spoke with my bf's parents, who just got back from Haiti(all the donations where distributed back from November) so I was really happy to hear that. They want us to go to Haiti, which I would love..but nothing seems to be cheering me up rite now. I can't speak for Haiti, but in the DR there was poverty, there was a lot of heartbreak but there was a lot of hope. Strategically, because of it's location(a hot spot for vacationers) people are regularly taking time off their resorts and bringing down donations. There are tons of mission groups building everything from schools to houses. There is positive change going on. In Uganda, I plan on volunteering with CU school and visiting Apac. There are amazing organizations in Uganda, but everyone has there own place/group of people there helping. The country is also suffering from a dramatic rise in HIV(more children are being orphaned) as well as the unrest in the North. The needs are overflowing. Some of the projects I would take part in include..constructing a library(and bringing books to fill it with)- there are currently none. Setting up a safe house for our girl students who live in abusive households(this includes bringing donations for the girls such as clothing, sanitary napkins, soap, etc.) Looking into a vocationol school for our future students who cannot go to secondary(as well as trying to figure out a way we can get local secondary schools to take the brightest students who pass the exams) visiting Apac and interviewing the local community. The list goes on and on.

Anyone interested in volunteering in Uganda? Anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 month?

I guess 'everything will fall into place' just at the moment i'm stressed!


Nikki said...

Totally know how you feel. I hope it will all work out- it always does!! I would totally be in for Uganda if I weren't completely broke from Ethiopia and the DR... and now Haiti! Alex and I are going for Christmas- booking flights next week! I have been in your position a ton fo times, feeling like it just isn't going to work out, and every time it does, so I am sure it will be the same for you!

Nikki said...

P.S. Feel better :)