Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Holidays Are Only Here For Some

The holidays seem to be approaching so fast. My holiday shooping is almost done but my holiday goal has only begun! My goal is to get two groups of kids(25) sponsors at Christian Upliftment Nursery& Primary School. What an amazing Christmas gift for a child and someone in your life! Your sponsorship will buy a child a uniform and pay their tuition, one of the best gifts a child living in poverty can receive- an education. It is also a great way to honor someone in your family this Christmas(especially that person who has everything!)

Let me introduce the first group-"N2". These 13 kids are in desperate need of sponsors. So far 5 of them have sponsors and the rest are waiting.

A preciouse 10 year old girl who shares my name(Kate), unfortunetly dosn't share some of the same oppurtunities I have been given in my life. She's an orphan- but that dosn't stop her from smilling and trying her best in school(which she proves by being one of the top students in her class) She love running and dancing and her ambition is to become a nurse. Edeku Elvis also has big dreams of becoming an engineer when he grows up. He's the second child in the top row. At 9 years old he's in grade 4 and loves sports. His favorite is soccer and running but if there's music around he won't hesitate to dance!

All except one in this group need sponsors. 9 out of 12 of them are orphans, such as Rebecca Atuheire, found on the left in the white shirt. She's 12 years old and listed as a "complete orphan." This means that neither one of her parents are living and most likely died of AIDS or were killed in the conflict in Northern Uganda. She wants to become a doctor. When she's not studying or helping with chores such as sweeping and collecting water, she can be found playing hide and seek. The smallest one of the group is little Brian Arac and even though he's only four he loves numbers and dreams of becoming an accountant!

The cost of sponsorship is $35/YEAR. Your sponsorship covers the child's tuition enabling them stay in school as well as receive a school uniform. Once you choose a child you can e-mail, or visit You will receive a basic biography of the child immedietly and then a more detailed one in the coming week.

Currently the kids are on holiday and will return to school on February 2nd. All the children who get sponsors will be notified upon their return and sponsors will receive an updated photo and letter from their sponsor child.

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