Sunday, November 30, 2008

Blogs for a Cause

I have some really great news to share on this post. I become online friends with a girl named Nikki after researching volunteering in the Dominican Republic. I came across her blog,, where she writes about her volunteer experiences and how she's making a difference. She also designs blogs,where she charges $30= $25 going towards her humanitarian trips(Dominican Republic and Ethiopia) and $5 towards her charity of the month.

This month, The Apac School Project was chosen!  If you want your blog designed or re-designed, please check out Since it's the one year anniversary of her blog she will be donating $10 rather than the regular $5. 

Thanks Nikki! 

I also have more great news to share. The well has been completed at CU primary. It isn't an actual pump well, they had to do underground work to connect to the national water supply which is treated and safe water. Once that's done they build pipes leading to above the ground where the fresh water comes out of.  Now all the students have clean, safe, drinking water. How exciting is that?! The term is also finished for the holidays so while they're on break, my goal is to find new sponsors. It's only $35 a year and makes a huge difference in their lives. For now you can visit and go to "The Sister School" page for more information. 

Hellen(principal of CU primary with the new clean water available)

Some students with their files on the last day of school.

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Nikki said...

Glad to help :)

and that is sooo awesome that they are getting clean water! It may just be me, but for some reason I am unable to see the pics.