Tuesday, December 16, 2008

An excuse to say "yes!"

I don't know what im looking more forward to, Christmas or once all of the children at Christian Upliftment Nursery&Primary school have found sponsors. I have been trying to find sponsors for two groups of kids, in total 25. So far 9 sponsors are on board, ready to change a life!! That leaves 16 kids in need of a sponsor!

The current sponsors could be called "ordinary people"-working men and woman, families, and even kids and teens! But they are deffinetly doing extraordinary things! On top of sponsoring students, we have been able to come together at times of need for the school. Some of the recent projects include build a clean water well for the school and surronding community, building proper toilets, and even setting up children's mothers with income generating project.

New toilets constructed. The old ones where filthy and unhygenic. These help the older girls stay in school when they're menstruating as they have the proper facilities to use.

Students help take part in bringing clean water to their school and community!

Children eating lunch thanks to their sponsors!

These children are worthy of it and most of all they deserve it. No money is taken back for administration purposes and your yearly donation of $35 goes towards buying the child a uniform, school meals, and to pay the dedicated teachers. Without the sponsorship program, the school would no longer be able to run.

Asio Annet. A beautiful 12 year old girl who has no one to support her. She comes from a very poor family. She dreams of becoming a doctor. The sad reality is that she has an extremely high chance of never even making it to high school. Without someone to support her, she will likely be pulled out of school to look for work.

Meet little Ogosa Emmanuel! He's 10 years old and loves playing hide and seek and running. He is an orphan at only 10 years old. He wants to study hard so he can become a teacher. He needs someones guidance to help him get to where he wants to be.

This here is Akwero Nancy. She is a complete orphan which means that both her parents have died. She loves playing games with her friends and would like to be a teacher. She is 11 years old and is in p.2.
There's always a reason to choose to make a diffrence in a child's life. Maybe these three kids will help you put a reason on them!

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