Thursday, December 25, 2008

Blogs for a Cause& Fundraising News!

I would like to remind everyone that Nikki at Blogs for a Cause, has chosen The Apac School Project to donate to this month. If you want your blog redone or redesigned- now's the time to do it!

On other fundraising news, I am now in the process of planning our next one for February. It will be an all day affair, starting in the late morning and ending in the evening. During the day there will be a raffle, Ugandan jewelery&crafts, bake sale, coffee&tea, etc..At night it will be a bit more formal with a sit down dinner and i'll talk a bit about the project. If your in an around the Montreal area please stop by! I have a huge list of things I have to do-the first being to get the hall I want(Piereffonds Cultural Center) so i'm off to call them again. Hopefully, if this day is succesful we can start getting some classrooms built(it's about $3,500 for each class to be built and furnished!) If your intrested in trying to raise money to have one classroom built in your name there's a number of ways to do it...

1) Bottles&Can Collection- Collect bottles and cans which can be returned for cash. Let your friends and family know what your doing and chances are they will help you out.

2)Loonie n' Toonie Drive- Asks friends and family to donate a buck or two towards your goal.

3) Ugandan jewelery- Beautiful necklaces, bracelets, and earings all made by local woman and children from Uganda. You can set up a booth and sell them at school or at a local fair. They are handmade out of recycled paper!

For anyone who wants to set up a fundraiser with the goal of building a classroom or even just to raise a bit of money - everything is needed and appreciated. To help you with your fundraising efforts, I will send you information and pictures and anything else you might need to make your fundraiser a success. Everyone who raises money for a classroom to be built, will have their name(s) incribed into a plaque and put up in the class once it's built. You will also get a report(information/pictures)each step of the way as well as a video of the class once construction is complete!

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