Wednesday, October 1, 2008


On my last post I wrote about "my new volunteer venture" We went today at 3:30 and started helping right away with homework. I helped 4 kids with both french and math. They where in grades 3,4, and 6. Talk about blast from the past! Ces ou Ses? Cette/Ce/Ces/etc.. I kept flipping to the front of the book looking at the verb rules. Many of the kids parents come from Haiti and African speaking countries so they speak French at home and those who don't have been put into french school since kindergarden..anyone in QC know how the law goes. A lot of the stuff they where doing(french wise) was stuff I started doing in grade 9. I can speak fluently and understand perfectly but when it comes to writting. Leave me out of it! Me and Yves kept switching kids depending on what they had for homework lol. It was a really good day though. The kids are sweet and funny. After a little over an hour, I can tell each one of their personalities. The quiet ones, the listeners, and there are a whole lot of jokers-did I mention a singer?!! We're going to go in a little earlier next time before they start homework to get more familiar with names, weaknesses/strong points/etc. After that was done we got some Haitian food next door, $5/plate. Yummy! (I totaly forget to take pics at La Corde. Next time! I did manage to get a picture of dinner lol)

On other note..a fellow sponsor took a trip to Uganda this past August(lucky!!) She sent me this picture of Winny, she's second to last on the right. With her mom Rose, siblings and other children. She sent me this little description of her"She is like Florence Nightingale. Looking after everyone else. She's a quiet achiever that one. " I also got some pictures in from Hellen. They finally moved the school ( AYA donated money for them to buy land as they where paying monthly rent for the old school.) I don't think I really wrote anything about CU have I?? Well, Christian Upliftment Primary School is located in Kampala, Uganda. It serves many children (~300)who come from extremely poor backgrounds. Many of the families that live in this particular area of Kampala are refugees from the Northern Ugandan war. The school was started by a man named Boniface and his wife Hellen. Unfortunetly, Boniface passed away last February. Now Hellen runs the school, looks after orphaned children, is a provider for the entire community, I really can go on and on. She is Superwoman. After she told me about the situation in Northern Uganda we decided it would be a good idea to open a second school up country. And that brings us to now! I'm currently fundraising to build a school in Apac, Uganda- to serve more than 600 children. Hopefully this dream will soon be a reality.

<--Winny in beige :)

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Nikki said...

Aww, Winny is beautiful, and I love the description of her- what a sweetheart. It sound like the volunteering was really successful! I wish I was fluent in another language... I am working on my spanish though! Practicing just about every day. I love the picture of the dinner- brings me right back to my dinners in the DR amongst the Haitian refugees :)