Monday, October 6, 2008


I've been pretty busy preparing for the next fundraiser(Bowl-A-Thon) and getting things sorted out. I'm finally going to open a new bank account to start saving for these summer trips. Especially seeing as it will most likely be 3 countries!! Okay so how did it even get to two right? Uganda is here for obviouse reasons. Then for March break I was suppose to go to the Dominican Republic with my family on vacation but I was going to do volunteer work instead. I'm thinking of going to the DR in the summer since there's a few project I really feel like I want to accomplish(such as building a well for clean water) and 1 week wouldn't be enough time. Lastly after talking with Yves's sister Haiti was added onto the list! She has a fondation that helps the poor especially near Christmas time. Giving gifts to children in the hospital and the community. Haiti has always been a country i've been dyeing to visit for cultural purposes and ofcourse to help the poor. Seeing as the DR and Haiti share an island this is looking pretty good:) An important note on Haiti..
As i'm sure you're all aware hurricanes have crashed into Haiti within the last month. Not one but three. Even before the storm hit, flashfloods killed 2,000 people. Estimate are at 1million homeless. Being the poorest country in the northern hemisphere you can imagine how much rebuilding is being done, and how many items are needed. Yves's family is collecting items such as used clothing, shoes, lotion/vaseline, soap, hygiene products, etc to send down. I managed to get some clothing, childrens sized blankets, toys(stuffed animals), and some hygene products together. Please if you have ANYTHING you can donate it would be VERY appreciated. At a time of loss and despair in Haiti, the most basic things can help them start rebuilding their lives.

I started babysitting for a new family on Sunday. It went really well, they have three daughters and had to do something with the oldest one so I watched the other two, ages 6 and 8. It was a lot of fun and we watched High School Musical in French. Funny stuff. They really wanted me to do their hair in braids so I did the 8 year olds. I tried the X style for the first time and it came out not bad.

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Nikki said...

I am hoping to go to Haiti as well! I realllly want to visit the Real Hope for Haiti resuce clinic. Can't remember if I sent you the link before or not, but it is run by 2 american sisters (lori and licia) who have been living in Haiti for years-

Anyways- looking forward to hearing more about everything!! You have collected SO much great stuff!