Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I'm trying to start to get the website i've created for The Apac School Project up and running a bit more. I'm on a good roll with banks right now- finally after numerouse attempts I got my new bank card and new savings account. This will help to keep me from spending money I need to save for the big trips. I also set up a paypal account but im still not up to date with how it exactely works but im getting the hang of it..slowly..Once that's undercontrol im going to open the online shop selling beautiful crafts, jewellery pieces, tablecloths and paintings all made by local women and children in Uganda. All the money recieved from each purchase will go towards building the school in Apac. Stay tuned :)

I've also become a bit of an addict- to Craiglist. That buy&sell website. I put an add in the baby/kids section asking for variouse items(Blankets, Clothing, Shoes, Books, Etc) and to my suprise got a great response! So far i've collected about 4 large garbage bags and 2 small boxes from diffrent people. Almost all the bags are gone as I donated them to LaBelle Deeese Charity Foundation for Haiti(Yves's sis+mom's foundation) They're going to be hand delivering everything to the hospitals, orphanages and families who where affected by the floods. We spent the entire weekend packing boxes full of everything you can think of! I think they loaded it yesterday onto the boat which will take about 20 days to arrive.

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Nikki said...

That is awesome that you got sucha great response. I posted on craigs list, but haven't gotten any responses yet. I am not all that familiar with the website thouhg, and think I probably posted in teh wrong area!

P.S. I just went to training last night with this new volunteer organization, and I am goint to be a "global friend" to a refugee family from Haiti! So excited! I will help them get situated, give free babysitting, that kind of stuff. Thought you might be interested as I know you love Haiti too!