Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Land Fund

Life has been very busy, but that good busy! I'm off to painting class, but I have to share some amazing news first. Last night, we received a donation of $2,500- enough to make a downpayment on the piece of land that we want to buy next to the school!! This land will be used to build a children's home for the orphan and abused children in the community, especially the current students of CUS. Part of the land will also be used for income generating projects, such as farming and gardening. The actual cost of the land is $8,000, which will be payed as we fundraise for the rest. I am hoping that we can raise an extra $500 to make the first payment at $3,000.To achieve this, we need your help!!I have started a pledge to collect $9.30 from 50 people. If there was ever a time you could spare $9.30, this would be the moment! This will help us get one step closer to buying off the land, which will bring us another step closer to opening the children's home.(For some of the most amazing kids you can ever meet, I should add!)

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Please help spread the word :) THANK YOU in advance

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