Monday, July 13, 2009

Next Up!

It's been quite a process settling back into life in Canada. First off, the weather has been horrible, rain rain and more rain. But most of all I miss the kids. Looking at the pictures makes me miss them even more. I am still waiting to upload the videos, I can't seem to figure it out. I manage to get them on the computer but do not know how to go from there.

After the time I spent in Uganda I saw that there was progress since I first started helping the school 6 years ago. A big one was the well. The water was filthy and water borne diseases where rampant. Now the school and community has access to safe water which has proved to be a great accomplishment. The number of sponsors has also risen which has been able to keep the school open and running, providing free education to children in need. This is a great success.

After much discussion in Uganda with Hellen and the staff we came up with a plan of what needs to be accomplished, and when. This was no easy task! When one project seemed desperately in need, there was another just behinde the corner. Here is the list..

1)Completion of the toilets and office

2)Establishing a children's feeding center

3)Produrement of text books

4)Establishing more income generating projects at the school and with families in the community.

5)Construction of permanent classrooms

6)Establishing a sick bay/clinic.

This is what I hope we can accomplish starting this year. I will go into more details on each one as we get there, but the first is to complete the toilets and the school's office. One of the reasons we put this first is because they are both half way to being completed. I think the driving force behinde the toilets for me is deffinetly the older girls. During their period, they do not go to school. This is a really big problem because so many of them have so much potential and need to be in school studying. When exam time comes around they are not preparred and end up failing. Hellen is noticing a trend with the younger kids as well. They do not wash at all. My first thought was a flash back to me being a child, I hated bathing! But for them it's a little different. Because so many of them are neglected their hygiene ofcourse goes neglected too. When the kids return from the school holiday's, Hellen says the dirt on them is so bad they have to scrub them 3 times before it comes off.

The toilets are half way there. 6 for the boys and 6 for the girls. The construction of them has to be finnished to ensure that they are safe and hygienic for the kids to use. We are also adding on washing rooms as often times the kids do not bathe at home. The older girls will especially benefit from the washrooms during their menstruation, which keeps them at home. Here is what it will cost to complete the washrooms

Lime=$16.68,Doors(metallic and wooden)=$344.70,5 bags of cement=$83.00, Labour=$83.39, Water pipes=$88.95, Water tank=$277.98, Soak way pit& Septic tank=$833.95

Total of $1,659.97! I will be selling some things from Uganda to raise funds for the washrooms/office so check back to see if anything interest you! Ofcourse you can always make a general donation on our website or on the link on this page.

We will also be making a plaque with all the names of contributors to each project. If you would like to 'buy' on of the needed materials you can find the exact prices above.

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