Thursday, July 2, 2009

Get to know them! The girls..

It's hard to write about 150 kids idividually so I usually stick to writting about our daily events as a group. But today I am going to focus on a few kids who stick out, and are in need of a sponsor!

Juliet! This little girl is in nursery and is 4 years old(almost 5). She has learning disabilities, and her speech is underdeveloped. You wouldn't be able to tell though as she is just an amazing little girl. Very shy and cautiouse at first, when I got to know her and she felt safe- the biggest smile came over her! It was deffinetly worth the extra work :)

Agnes! This picture suits her perfectly, the eccentric little clown! She is easy going and loves to make people smile, and just be silly. Watching her at the amusement park was probably one of the highlights of the day.

Alice, is one of the sweetest people I know. She studies so hard in school and earns good grades. She is also a cook, cleaner, and babysitter and does all of this never complaining(even when it was pouring rain.) She is very soft spoken and gentle with the other kids, never getting impatient. A sponsor would do wonders for her, as many of the other kids in her grade have sponsors.

If you feel you cannot sponsor a child at the moment, please consider buying a uniform for one of the students. Just by getting the uniform it gives them a greater sense of hope and that they are part of a community. Uniforms are $7-9
These are from the Good Samaritan orphanage I visited on my trip to Jinja, as well as the famouse nile.

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