Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Uganda, I made it!

Day 1

After running for planes(no joke!) and hours in the aiport, we have made it to Uganda. It is beautiful here. The people, the culture, the land..breath taking. Kampala is a bustling city, building are going up and buisness is taking place. Many fancy areas with beautiful mansions. We met Hellen on a busy main road. We then drove up, up, up, turns, turn turns, and we soon we're in more of a village setting. The children would spot us in the car and scream "MZUNGU" meaning white person. It was hilairouse, and they would crack up. The hill was bumpy and filled with holes. We finally reached CU school. I got such a burst of excitment. We went to the classrooms, starting with P.2. The children rose and said "Hello visitor, we are hapy to have you here" and sat back down. The classrooms are small and filled to the rim. Nursery, Middle and Top are all in one class. The youngest child is 3 and the oldest is 8. You can imagine the chaos!

The chickens that Hellen bought(30) are now getting big! This is great news for the school as they can become more self sufficient. As Hellen opened the pen for me to see them one came out. I tried to put it back and it pecked at my hand..hard! So I tried to sort of 'direct' it with my foot and jogging after it. One child..(M. Joshua) no more than 4 years old came, with a seriouse face, picked it up by the wing and put it back in the pen.

We went to Hellens house and sorted through the donations. We gave them out today(will write more on blog post 2) We where greeted by Hellen's mother who came down to see us as well as a friend of hers and her grand daughter Janet. Janet is a cute little 3 yr old who hid for some time as she was scared of the white faces. I opened the luggae filled with stuffed animals, and motioned for Janet to come choose one. After I showe her a bear with a little pink dress on, she was sold. She started jumping up and down and screaming and laughing hysterically. I wish I caught it on film!!

For all sponsors, the kids at CU are great. The conditions at the school and community are really not good. SO many of the kids are malnourished and sick. Alot of sunken faces, big bellies and orange tinted hair. Children are often left to fendfor themselves when their parent pass away, or are taken in by relatives who abuse them. The school is really a haven for all these kids. They are so greatful of your support. Will write more on day 2 so stay tuned!

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gophercheeks said...

Thank you Kate for the email and for keeping us all up to date on your experience there. I just melted when you mentioned how happy Sydla was and I hope to hear more about Wilbrod too. Stay safe my friend. God bless.