Friday, November 21, 2008

Sponsorship of Ketteline StHilaire

I have been looking at the wesbite "His Hands For Haiti" for quite some time. I've always wanted to sponsor a child in Haiti but for one reason after the other never got around to doing so. I decided to go ahead and give myself an early Christmas gift. I choose a girl named Ketteline St.Hilaire. She's 8 years old. Here name sounds like mine, Katelyn, when mine is said in french( it's pronounces k-ate and french always pronounce it k-ett.) A french teacher and myself had a funny dicussion on how anglophones and francophones have troubles with prononciation in the others language. Apparently anglos have a hard time with the sound and letter U/OU. So we learned; "J'ai couru dans la rue tou nue." Anyways, I think she's just the cutest girl ever and i'm excited to start communicating with her.

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