Monday, September 22, 2008

Going Green For A Cause

I know it hasn't been a week since I posted my first "going green" blog but this just can't wait. I'm trying to set up a minimum of two fundraisers a month for The Apac School Project ( and I thought i'd mention the first one here. What does going green and a fundraiser have in common..?

Montreal's Bottle and Can Collection For The Apac School !

Here in QC we get .05cents per can and .10cents per bottle for recycling these items. You bring them into local grocery stores that have machines that 'eat 'them up and you then get a receipt which you bring to the counter and they pay you for the amount of cans/bottles you brang in.
This is where your part comes in! Set up a bag or box, in the kitchen or garage for example, where evryone in your household puts their cans and bottles. Once it's full we'll pick it up. How easy is that?? You also don't have to limit yourself to your home. Besides letting all your friends and family know, you can set collection bins at school and work.

Not in Montreal? Most provinces/states have the same type of thing set up. I'll be glad to send you an information kit and flyers to help you set up your own bottle/can collection for The Apac School Project.

The more people, the more cans, the more money..the closer we are to having a school built to educate more than 600 impoverished Ugandan children!!

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Ayla said...

Very good idea, I hope I can be of some help